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As you browse through web pages, looking for best ceiling fans reviews, you must be aware of a few things which are going to determine the final choice you’ll make. First off, you must be well informed about the features of the fan you’re eyeing. Low end models commonly do not come with a remote control, so if you think such convenience is quite worth it, be prepared to shell out more money. Some of the newest ceiling fans are capable of rotating in different directions – clockwise during winter and counter-clockwise during summer – but very few offer multiple speed settings. While these features are handy, they’re completely optional.

The next thing that should come to your mind is the efficiency of the fan. Try to look for one that requires a power of 60 watt, so you won’t be surprised at the end of the month when seeing your electricity bill. Keep in mind that the aforementioned wattage does not include the amount of energy consumed by the lights (most ceiling fans today are equipped with lights). Moreover, don’t forget to look at the airflow. According to Air Movement and Control Association, good ceiling fans should capable of spewing airflow of about 4,000cfm. Last but not least, choose one that has the best design. Ceiling fans are huge and they’ll definitely draw some attention on your living room. You will never want to install the ugly ones.

Ultimate Ceiling Fans Guide

ProductAir Flow Capacity Price Rating
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades
5110 CFM $$$ 4.6
Hunter 51059 Low Profile IV 5-Blade Ceiling Fan2902 CFM$$4.8
Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Brazilian Cherry5049 CFM$$$4.6
Westinghouse 7861500 Contempra Trio Three-Light 42-Inch Five-Blade Ceiling Fan
4410 CFM
Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan with Ball Hanger Installation System6254 CFM$$4.4
Westinghouse 7255700 Bendan One-Light Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, 52-Inch4739 CFM$$$$4
Minka-Aire F843-DK, Wave Distressed Koa 52" Ceiling Fan with Remote Control5300 CFM$$$$$4.5
Minka Aire F569-ORB 52" 5 Blades in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish w/Medium Maple Blades Supra
5995 CFM
Minka-Aire F518-BN 44-inch Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan
4600 CFM
Emerson CF712ORB Pro Series 50-Inch 5-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan
5224 CFM$$$$4.4
Emerson CF765BS Loft Indoor Ceiling Fan, 60-Inch Blade Span
7530 CFM

3 Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

Westinghouse 7861500 Ceiling Fan

Rated as the best ceiling fan by, Westinghouse 7861500 would be a great addition to any interior featuring classic themes, thanks to the trio of frosted glass shades. For best result, make sure you pair it with CFL bulbs, instead of the cheap candelabra candle tip bulbs. They’re expensive to begin with but will pay you off overtime. Like many fans on its range, Westinghouse 7861500 is completely reversible, so you can use it all year around regardless the season. It sports five blades made of glass which measures in at 42-inch. It looks pretty big but surprisingly optimized for rooms with low ceiling only.

Missing the remote control, every function of the fan, including three different speed settings, is accessible via pull cords. They are not necessarily pleasant to the eyes but the overall design of Westinghouse 7861500 should ease it. Installation is not necessarily intuitive but this should be common for all ceiling fans. If you’re not confident with your house wiring skill, it’s strongly advised to hire some experts. Still, if you decide to do it on your own, be sure you put everything on its right place. Otherwise, the fan won’t function properly and if it does, you may notice some bugging noise.

Hunter 22460 Ceiling Fan

The closest competitor to Westinghouse 7861500 in terms of aesthetic design is this Hunter 22460. Featuring five glass blades measuring in at 52-inch, the fan looks a little larger than the former. Unlike Westinghouse fan, it features bowl light fixture, instead of thrice frosted glass shades. The required bulbs are two and they are not included in the box. What becomes our issue here is that the marble glass seems to block most of the light as it wasn’t really bright. Probably it’s just the bulbs that weren’t strong enough, so make sure you pick out CFL bulbs instead of the regular 60-watt candelabra bulbs.

Similar to the previous fan, Hunter 22460 isn’t accompanied by remote control which is a quite big demerit for some people. Installation is not easily accomplished but if you have a successful experience with a wiring project in the past, this should be no problem for you. Better yet, it can be installed in three ways: standard, flush, and angled. If you wish, you can install the fan while excluding the light fixture, saving you more energy and, of course, money. The motor sounds pleasantly quiet but at this price range, we doubt it’s going to stay like that over the years.

Minka-Aire F518-BN Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F518-BN probably does not look as flashy and luxurious as the previous two models but in terms of the starting price, this ceiling fan is the most expensive of all. It might not be you thing if you’re type of a person who never imagined about dishing out more than $200 for a ceiling fan. However, for those who want the most convenient operation, this is the ideal choice for you. Out of the box, the fan comes with a remote control that hosts a bunch of buttons, including reverse and forward, three speed adjustments, on/off, and light control.

The design itself looks – to avoid saying plain and dull – pretty minimalistic with three blades extending out at 44-inch. Good news is all of them are concave and mounted at 14-degree pitch, so you’re bound to feel “stronger” airflow on the same speed. Like many ceiling fans, Minka-Aire F518-BN also comes with lighting kit. The difference here is that it utilizes 100-watt mini-can halogen bulb, so it’s a lot brighter even when it’s covered with a frosted glass. Installation is slightly easier than the previous two but it’s still not beginner’s stuff. Make sure you consult the manuals all the time.


Ceiling fans are the smart way to suppress your electricity bill at the end of the month without necessarily sacrificing your comfort. In winter, you can save the energy you used to pay to run a heater because by having the fan rotate clockwise, you’re actually helping raise the air temperature. In summer, you no longer have to turn your air conditioner the whole day and night. Simply reverse the fan rotation and you’ll be enjoying a nice wind-chill effect. In addition, by doing such a thing, you’re actually help preserve the nature as you stop the cycle of Freon that can really hurt the atmosphere.

Buying ceiling fans is not as complicated as buying a smartphone. You don’t need to research its specifications to the minutest detail. However, you still have to pay some attention to a number of factors such as their features, efficiency, and physical appearance. If you want more convenient features on your hand, expect to pay more. Likewise, the more beautiful the fans are, the more expensive they can be. As for the efficiency, most of ceiling fans today have met the minimum requirements of a good and energy-efficient electronic appliance. All that said, hopefully our best ceiling fans reviews can help you make up your mind.

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